Undiscovered Story Game

Celebrating Girls and Women!

Making Blockchain Accessible

We create decentralized software products designed to make blockchain technology easy to understand and use. Our products achieve this in fun, meaningful, and rewarding ways.

Focused on Community

Wild Idea Research and Development was conceived out of the notion people want to serve their community and other localities around the world.

Product Timeline

We are actively working on a number of products including games, crypto tokens, and the WIRD World Social Network and Marketplace. Each product dovetails with the other to build an ecosystem of positive, community-led impact.

Q2 2019 - Undiscovered Story
Q3 2019 - WSBT Airdrop

WIRD Social Benefit Token (WSBT) Invitee Airdrop.

Q4 2019 - WIRD World

Social Network UI/UIX + Developer Tester Prototype.

Q1 2020 - WIRD World Tester Launch

By Invitation Only.

Wild Idea Research and Development (WIRD) is a public benefit company focused on building products that enable the creation of positive, community-led initiatives and content. Using decentralized technologies, we seek to create real connections between people and are achieving this through community-geared products, including our trivia game, social benefit token, various protocols, and a planned social good, social media platform.