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Our Most Recent Updates.

Co-Founder, Noam Dromi on Tech Cat

Our co-founder, Noam Dromi, was recently a guest on Lori Schwartz's technology trends podcast Tech Cat. He and Lori discuss a range of topics, including tech trends such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), cross-platform content creation, and the kinds of...

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Wild Idea Research and Development (WIRD) is a public benefit company focused on building products that enable the creation of positive, community-led initiatives and content. Using decentralized technologies, our work connects people and acknowledges the fact that today’s problems are complex and necessarily require the knowledge and expertise of people with diverse backgrounds. We seek to create real connections between real people and are achieving this through community-geared products, including our trivia game, social benefit token, various protocols, and a planned social good, social media platform.