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What Is Undiscovered Story?

Undiscovered Story is a crypto-powered trivia game. Players are asked questions that focus on the achievements and contributions of girls and women in a variety of fields throughout history and around the world.

So What?

Undiscovered Story also gives players the opportunity to earn crypto and to do social good.

For each correct answer they give, players earn one Undiscovered Story Game Token (UDGT), the game’s native crypto token. When an incorrect answer is given, instead of “burning” the token like many other crypto projects do, the token the player would have won is donated to girls- or women-led charity, initiative, or business.

Token Pre-sale

The Undiscovered Story Game Token Pre-sale is an opportunity to purchase UDGT at a reduced price. During the pre-sale period only,  tokens can be purchased at $0.10 U.S. Dollar (USD) per UDGT. After the pre-sale period, gameplay tokens will be sold for $0.15 USD per UDGT.  ONLY 500,000 pre-sale tokens are available for the pre-sale! 

Have more questions? Take a look at the FAQs below. 

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You said “free tokens?”

Receive 88 free UDGT gameplay tokens by signing up for Undiscovered Story’s beta test!


Participate in the game token pre-sale using PayPal. The pre-sale price is $0.10 USD per UDGT.

Participate in the game token pre-sale using Coinbase. The pre-sale price is $0.10 USD per UDGT.

FAQs – You Have More Questions

The inquisitive type? No problem. There’s more below on how we are supporting others with our project, information on our game token (UDGT), and how to advertise in Undiscovered Story.

How Does Undiscovered Story Benefit Girls and Women-led Initiatives

One-third (1/3) of every token purchase will be donated to girls and women-led initiatives, organizations, and/or businesses.

For every incorrect answer while playing the game one (1) UDGT game token is also donated.

We are also implementing a Weekly Donation Bonus Pool of 10,000 UDGT be donated to girls and women-led initiatives, organizations, and/or businesses.


Game Beta Test Completed.

The Undiscovered Story beta test ended the first week of May 2019.

You can still sign up to play Undiscovered Story and receive 88 free UDGT tokens.

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  1. You must create an Undiscovered Story Game Account.
  2. Once your new account is created, you will see your wallet address for the game.
  3. Your UDGT tokens will appear in your game wallet by May 30, 2019.
  4. Stay tuned for our upcoming UDGT exchange listing announcements.
What is UDGT and What Is It Used For?

When playing the game, players earn one Undiscovered Story Game Token (UDGT) for each correct answer and lose one UDGT for incorrect answers.

All tokens from incorrect answers will be donated to girls- and women-led initiatives and startups.

Players also have the ability to purchase one game token for $0.15 USD each ($0.10 during the pre-sale period as outlined above.

Will UDGT be listed on Exchanges?

We are exploring a listing UDGT on several leading centralized exchanges.

****The Undiscovered Story Game is meant for learning, doing good by supporting good people and good organizations, as well as provide a way for people to be introduced to the world of digital currency and blockchain.

What is the Regular Price for UDGT Gameplay Tokens?

During the pre-sale period, 500,000 gameplay tokens are available for $0.10 USD each with 1/3 ($0.033 USD) of proceeds going towards girls- or women-led initiatives.

After the pre-sale period, tokens will be priced at $0.15. This will be the standard UDGT token price.

How do Weekly and Monthly Bonus Pools Work?

The weekly and monthly bonus pools are designed to meaninfully incentivise gameplay

The Weekly Donation Bonus to Girls or Women-Led Initiative or Startups of 10,000 UDGT is an initiative that we sincerely hope could be of great benefit to an initiative or startup.

Players with a balance of 44 UDGT are automatically entered in weekly and monthly bonus pools which that allow users to win additional UDGT.

  • Monthly Country High Score Bonus  – 30,000 UDGT.
  • Weekly Random High Score Bonus – 15,000 UDGT.
  • Weekly Random Bonus  – 15,000 UDGT.
  • Weekly Donation Bonus to Girls or Women Led Initiative or Startup – 10,000 UDGT.
How many UDGT Gameplay Tokens are Being Minted?

350,000,000 – UDGT distribution

  • Reserve – 126,000,000 (Stablecoin Hedge fund).

  • Prize Pool – 65,000,000

  • User 88 UDGT – 50,000,000

  • Sales UDGT – 26,000,000

  • WIRD Corp. 31,000,000

  • Team, Execs, Advisors – 20,000,000

  • Founders – 15,000,000

  • Investors – 15,000,000

  • Bounty and Airdrop – 13,000,000

Users OPT-IN for Ads and Are Rewarded with UDGT Tokens.

Undiscovered Story utilizes permission-based advertising, where players decide to OPT-IN to earn 3 UDGT for offering constructive comments on partner ads.

Is Advertising in-Game Easy? Why Should I Advertise?

How do you know your ads are being viewed by a human?

Undiscovered Story utilizes permission-based advertising, where players decide to OPT-IN to earn 3 UDGT for offering constructive comments on partner ads.

Advertisers have assurance their media has been viewed by a person, not a bot, when they receive constructive comments from players.

From a content marketing perspective, the entire ecosystem wins. 

Advertisers collect genuine feedback from players who have accepted terms to view the advertisement. Players’ feedback can be incorporated into future advertising and will likely make ads more relevant and engaging in the future.

Advertisers will be able to easily pay for ad space through purchasing UDGT. See below.

Undiscovered Story Overview

The Purple Paper outlines our company’s core values (liberty, equality, and truth) and how our Undiscovered Story trivia game addresses the essential issues we believe distributed ledger technologies face. Here you will find details on our positioning as well as some technical specifications for the game.

The Undiscovered Story article on Medium 

View story at Medium.com

Github - WIRD Code Ecosystem

WIRD Code Ecosystem.  5% of our code is open source with 50% currently being proprietary.


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